Certified foods give customers confidence in their safety, high quality and compliance with norms and standards of manufacture and storage.

TM Yarych products are annually certified and they receive the necessary positive feedback first from experts, then from customers, owing its high sales figures to them.


Halal Global Certification Centre

Mutual respect for the culture, traditions and religion of consumers of our products is the basis of all our activities. We understand how important this is, so we received a Halal certificate, which confirms the products’ compliance with Islamic standards.

IFS FOOD certification

The international IFS standard is focused on ensuring food safety at all stages – from manufacturer to consumer. IFS Food certification helps assess the safety and quality of products. This standard applies to all stages of manufacture, transportation and storage of products. The IFS Food Standard is recognized by The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The IFS Food certificate covers the requirements of ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

Every year, Yarych undergoes IFS FOOD Safety certification and with high scores confirms compliance with generally accepted requirements and norms of the international standard of quality and safety of products.

  • We confirm the transparency of the food chain process – from manufacture to the consumer
  • We confirm the efficiency of the existing manufacturing processes;
  • We confirm the control of the level of product quality and increase the yield of edible products; reducing the risk of releasing non-compliant goods;
  • We confirm the reduction of processing waste and economical use of resources