Maria hard-dough biscuits
TM Yarych Maria biscuits are biscuits of generations, which have been produced according to the original recipe for more than 20 years. Maria is the main brand of the company with the best sales figures in Ukraine among all manufacturers.

Petit Beurre hard dough biscuits
TM Yarych Petit Beurre biscuits are of European quality, they have crispy structure, soft creamy taste and pleasant flavor. French roots and classical recipe of the 19th century will never remain anyone indifferent.

Sugar cookies
TM Yarych sugar biscuits are favourite biscuits with a modernised recipe: palm oil free. Crumbly and sweet to the taste, sugar biscuits are the perfect treat to take with tea and coffee, and are baked from high-grade wheat flour. The biscuits are crunchy and spongy and are free of margarine, flavour enhancers and preservatives

Tender and crunchy hard dough biscuits for kids in the TM Yarych Kids line. They are made from white flour, without harmful additives, dyes or flavor enhancers. Kids products are ideal for snacks and breakfasts for kids.

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