We are pleased to announce that TM Yarych is a sponsor of the STB-channel Super Mum project. The project is focused on the eternal things, family traditions, children’s upbringing and family relationships. “Maria” from Yarych is a cookie that unites people, creates an atmosphere of cosiness and warmth, and represents the love of generations.


The beginning of the history. The factory was a part of Lviv confectionery factory Svitoch
Nestle sells the factory, the new owner is Confectionery Yarych LLC. Introduction of the Yarych brand and creation of a new line for Rozalini TM cakes
The Representative office of YARYCH IMPORT EXPORT LLC and regional warehouse has been opened in Poland
Attracting investments from the American company Horizon Capital. Update and modernization of production lines
The factory came under the management of Nestle. An international product quality control system has been introduced at the factory
BRC Food Safety certification – confirmation of the quality and safety of TM Yarych products
TM YARYCH is the sales leader in the segment of hard-dough biscuits and crackers in Ukraine


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